The Dangers of Root Canals, and the Myth of The Focal Infection Theory

tooth extraction was terrifying (2)

Long ago a doctor by the name of Dr. Weston Price conducted research into whether bacteria from  the root canal system could infect other organs in the body. The original study was done in 1910 by Weston Price and concluded that the root canaled teeth are sources of bacteria that can travel to the ends of the body and cause harm. This is known as the Focal Infection Theory, it has been debunked by many newer studies with better scientific methods and better outcomes. Think about it, millions of root canal procedures are done each year in the US with no demonstrably true associations with other diseases. This old theory is still hanging around like a zombie that never stops feeding on people who are genuinely trying to find legitimate information out there.

The biggest offender is a so-called “foundation” called the Weston A Price Foundation at They are there for the sole purpose of putting a bull horn on century old research from Dr. Price. Would you trust medical information from the era of x-ray acne treatments? or the era of sedation done by inhaling ether through pig’s bladders? They also go further to fabricate information and place it and display it in an effort to fake a legitimate reputable medical website.

See this article here for more information about the dangers of this parasite of a website at Science Based Medicine

The American association of Endodontics also published a white paper debunking the price myths and explains it in more detail at this link: AAE’s Response to Focal Infection Theory


Author: Cyber Endodontist

I am a practicing endodontist (root canal specialist) in Texas, I wanted to start a blog through which people can learn what an endodontist is and ask questions about root canals. There is a LOT of misinformation in the public, I wanted to help shed some light on endodontics.

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